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DropDAV. Dropbox over WebDAV.

I've been looking for the best tools to try and get the most out of my new toy, the iPad 2. Since I was planning on using it for some one-the-go word processing, I was concerned that the only way I could sync documents to my computer would be through iTunes. Emailing documents back and forth is just a pain - we are in 2011, surely there is something less clunky and easier to manage. I would prefer if I could copy my documents to and from a common area which I use day to day currently instead of having yet another storage location.

Many applications on the iPad seem to support WebDAV for connecting to online storage but since Dropbox doesn't have WebDAV support I thought somebody must have created a WebDAV front end for it - Someone did and it's brilliantly simple, straightforward and, most importantly, it works.

DropDAV gives me simple and quick access to my iPad documents if I want to edit them on my PC and vice versa.

Check it out. All you need is a Dropbox account.


EDIT: It now seems that they are charging for the service. :(

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