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This is a great and simple game for iOS. Swipe the cannon left and right to aim, release to fire! Get the angle just right to start breaking as many blocks as you can.

Earn coins to unlock extras and increase your high score.

Finger Bubbles

Colourful and interactive fun for your baby or toddler! Your child can fill the screen with bubbles, and pop them all.

With intuitive controls and bright colours, your child will love seeing the bubbles fire out of their fingers.


Planning Poker

Easily and quickly manage your estimation cards for your team's planning poker sessions. You can either create your own decks to use or choose from the built-in Story Points, Fibonacci numbers, T-Shirt sizes, or playing card, decks.

Quick Mic

Quick Mic is a simple and free recording app for iPhone that allows you to quickly record audio voice memos or meetings. Markers allow you to simply add reference points to your recordings to easily identify areas of interest during playback.


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